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DEI Workshops

Information + Transformation

Our interactive workshops can be facilitated individually or as a series, depending on your needs. As trained organizational psychologists, we're masters at designing workshop experiences that actually help to change people's behavior. Yes, education is good, but transformation is better.

interactive and inclusive

cultural competence

"culture + conversation"

Our "Culture and Conversation" workshops are designed to help professionals build their cultural competence. This approach allows attendees to come in with varied levels of knowledge without feeling ashamed for not knowing much about a particular topic.  These semi-structured sessions include time for dialogue and on-the-spot Q&A. Don't worry, our facilitators set firm standards of excellence at the beginning of every session to ensure that the conversation stays on track. This format works for almost ANY diversity topic as well!

"Learning what's acceptable and not acceptable was a game changer. My confidence has gone through the roof, now that I know what allyship should look like."

Jacqueline Dorsey, MBA


"authentic ally" series

Our "Authentic Ally" series provides professionals with a firm foundation so that they can take purposeful action as an ally for equity. During these sessions, your group will learn what it means to be an ally, the prerequisites for allyship, myths about what allyship looks like, an action plan to map their own allyship journey, and an "allyship gone wrong" activity to help them avoid landmines that could ruin their professional reputation. 


These sessions build the confidence needed for professionals to stand up as allies in an authentic way. 

leadership & management

"equitable leadership" series

Today's leaders don't have the luxury of being culturally incompetent. Our "Equitable Leadership" workshop series is designed to help leaders and managers incorporate essential DEI principles into their leadership style so that they can thrive in diverse environments. Our workshops are available for:

  • Executive and Senior HR Leaders*

  • Diversity & Inclusion Leaders*

  • Independent D&I Consultants*

  • Executive and Senior Operations Leaders

  • HR Teams/Talent Leaders

  • Front Line Managers

*Train-the-Trainer Available

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