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Your Outsourced DEI Dept.

Outsourced DEI Department
An All-Inclusive DEI Service Model to Meet Your Company's Unique Needs

After serving thousands of professionals around the world, our team realized that the current model for DEI service delivery was inefficient, disjointed, and limiting for most companies that are working to truly integrate DEI into their overall business or ESG strategy.


Organizations aren't seeing a true return on their DEI investment because they're stuck in an endless loop of start-and-stop project-based "initiatives" that aren't sustainable and don't yield consistent progress. Oftentimes, DEI becomes a specialty project on a to-do list that organizational leaders have to fit into other priorities. Companies are always looking for the right time to start working on their next DEI project, and that's what makes DEI hard. Until now.

Are you a B2B consultancy or firm looking to add an additional 6-figures to your revenue by offering DEI services (without creating your own in-house team? Contact us at to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Outsourced DEI Department


The DEI industry is rapidly changing, and most of the strategies your organization is using are already outdated. 


Well-meaning organizations think that they can hire one DEI leader to manage their entire DEI strategy. Many of today's internal DEI leaders simply source help from other external vendors rather than doing the work on their own. This isn't their fault. Individual DEI leaders just don't have the capacity to manage the entire DEI strategy on their own.


The average DEI leader quits within 14 months of being hired due to burnout. Most organizations have been piecemealing their DEI strategy with slow, low-impact results. Effective DEI work requires a highly skilled team with interdisciplinary knowledge that can plan and implement everything our organization needs throughout the year.

That's why we created the Outsourced DEI Department.

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Services Included in Your DEI Dept.
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Data + Strategy + Implementation

Most organizations aren't taking an integrated approach to their DEI initiatives. Doing a series of disjointed activities doesn't mean that you have a cohesive, sustainable DEI strategy. We will assist you in getting the data you need to identify the biggest priorities. Then, our team will take the lead on implementing everything throughout the year.​

  • Custom Organizational Equity Assessment

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis

  • Recommendations Report

  • 1-Year Custom DEI Strategic Plan

  • Implementation Advising for DEI/HR Leaders

Annual Organizational Equity Assessment

Timely data is imperative to your overall DEI strategy. Our team can design, deploy, and analyze data from your employees or association members and provide a recorded debrief of the results that can be shared with key stakeholders. The best part is that we can get all of this done in a matter of weeks. With this service, you'll never be in the dark about how your employees and members are experiencing your organization.

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Executive Allyship & Equitable Board Training

Demystify DEI for your Executives and Board of Directors with one or more high-impact advising sessions designed to help them understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a part of their overall business strategy. 


We create a safe place for your senior leaders to talk candidly about their DEI blind spots without judgment or criticism. 

Equitable HR &
Recruiting Audit

Accelerate your organizational equity by auditing the most important HR processes and policies impacting your company culture. 


  • Employee Handbook Audit

  • HR Policy Audit

  • Recruiting Process Audit

  • Diversity Recruiting Strategy

  • Onboarding Process Review

  • Employee Development Audit

  • Internal Dispute Resolution Audit/Redesign

  • Promotion Process Audit

  • Performance Review Audit

Business strategy

Hosting a conference, employee training, board retreat, or in-service for staff and need a DEI facilitator or speaker? Our team of DEI facilitators can help make your event a success. As an Outsourced DEI Dept. client, you will have the opportunity to host up to five engagements each year.

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Our Equity Champions program is a live, facilitated training that provides managers with a deep dive into what it means to be an inclusive people leader. Through interactive exercises and accountability assignments, managers complete the program with an Equitable Management Action Plan and specific steps to improve their effectiveness. Instantly create a management training program for your entire organization without lifting a finger.


Looking for a way to jumpstart or continue your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, but not sure how to do it or what reputable organizations in your region are in alignment with your company's goals? Our team can help you create a CSR strategy that has an impact and helps you meet your ESG goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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