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Fully Integrated DEI   

Organizations new to DEI typically scramble to make their boards, leadership teams, and front line employees look diverse. They often don't understand that becoming an equitable organization should be the FIRST step of DEI. 

This raises the bar and allows us to ask better questions of our workforce like, “What barriers are keeping some populations out of talent pools?”,“What barriers exist that keep people from entering an organization?", and “What are the social determinants that create barriers to entering certain positions?" Our team can support your organization in answering those questions and creating strategies for change.

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DEI Integration

Unlike most DEI consulting firms, our methods are applicable to all dimensions of diversity. You shouldn't be contracting with multiple firms to support your DEI needs. The Calling All Allies team is comprised of organizational development experts who are formally trained on how to integrate DEI into organizational systems.


Although we acknowledge the "social justice" approach that other firms employ, history and research shows that very little behavior or systemic change results from using those frameworks. Below are a few specific services that we offer to organizations developing or enhancing their DEI initiatives.


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Premature action can waste both money and time, and moving fast in the wrong direction is just as detrimental as staying still. Work with us to design a robust data collection tool customized to capture key insights that will inform exactly how you should proceed with your DEI efforts.

Organizational Equity Assessment

Deploy a simple organizational equity assessment to uncover gaps, weaknesses, and blind spots in your recruiting, onboarding, development, and promotion process.

DEI Pulse


Ideal for associations or smaller organizations, our customized  DEI Pulse Check gathers key insights to give you a clear understanding of what you need to do to  be more purposeful about your DEI strategy.




Equitable Talent Acquisition

Don't fall into the trap of "tokenism". Design and deploy an equitable talent acquisition process that attracts diverse candidates who can thrive within your organization. 

Diversify Your Membership

Need help attracting more diverse board members or association members? We will design a process to attract diverse professionals while educating your leaders on how to create an inclusive environment before they arrive. 

Ready to make sure that diverse professionals have equitable access to the opportunities your organization has to offer? We can help you attract diverse talent while also creating an environment that engages them for long term success.



Acknowledging cultural holidays, redesigning logos, and jumping on this season's trendy hashtag is nothing more than performative inclusion. Work with us to develop initiatives that honor the diversity of your organization while having a measurable impact.

Diversity Committees 

Do you know how to properly design an internal diversity committee? Hint. Putting "diverse" people in a group and tasking them with "doing DEI" is not  the answer. Let us help you implement diversity committees the right way.

Employee Resource Groups

For 20+ years companies have been dividing diverse groups in the name of inclusion. The result? Minimal long term measurable positive impacts on equity and inclusion. Work with us to re-imagine the function of your ERG's.

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