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DEI Learning & Development
Disrupting the Narrative

If you've attended one or more DEI "workshops" in the last year or two, chances are, you're starting to hear much of the same ideas.  Even worse, you may be even more confused or overwhelmed today, than you were before you started your DEI learning journey. At CAAP, we're disrupting DEI and going beyond the narrative to provide insights that are forward-thinking and that spark change in the professionals who attend. Join the Inclusion Squad to register for upcoming events.

Darkside of DEI   Series


The Darkside of DEI series is designed to help DEI leaders and practitioners cope with the stressors of leading and coordinating diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for the organizations they serve.


Challenges like:

  • Working with or within companies who aren't serious about DEI

  • Leading initiatives in dysfunctional organizations

  • Maintaining sanity while encountering hateful professionals

  • Creating strategies for personal and professional resilience

  • Respectfully confronting companies who are only interested in "performative" DEI solutions

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Collaborating at Work
Cultural Competence Accelerators


Three times a year we host our high-impact Cultural Competence Accelerator designed to help professionals of all backgrounds take a deep dive into the unique differences that shape who we are personally and professionally. 


During each session, participants not only learn from, but interact with people who are different from them. Think speed-dating, without the romance. Our unique training model is informed by psychological principles that ensure a deep cognitive and behavioral shift in all of those who attend.


Activate Your Allyship


The "Activate Your Allyship Challenge" is a half-day DEI gaming program that creates a safe environment for professionals to PRACTICE their allyship without fear of making mistakes. This one-of-a-kind program will:

  • Teach your employees how to be authentic allies for their co-workers

  • Engage employees at all levels to take four allyship actions during the challenge

  • Jumpstart your company's efforts to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment

  • Reorient your company culture toward a more action-oriented understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion

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