Collaborating at Work


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"Activate Your Allyship Challenge"


The "Activate Your Allyship Challenge" is a 2-week company-wide virtual employee inclusion DEI gaming program that will:

  • Teach your employees how to be authentic allies for their co-workers

  • Engage employees at all levels to take four allyship actions during the challenge

  • Jumpstart your company's efforts to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment

  • Reorient your company culture toward a more positive understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion

DEI Committee Launch


Learn how to launch (or fix) your Diversity Committee in 30-days, even if you have no previous experience, no volunteers, and minimal internal resources.

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The Inclusion Squad


The Inclusion Squad is our exclusive group advising community that helps internal HR and DEI leaders accelerate their success, get big results, and sustain their DEI strategy, even if they're one-person show and have minimal experience leading DEI initiatives. [launching January 2022]

DEI On-Demand


Our DEI On-Demand Service provides small business enterprises, nonprofits, and agencies with a remote DEI team fully managed by CAAP.  If your organization has between 30-1,000 employees and an HR team of 1-5 people, learn more about this service by clicking the button below.

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