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DEI Made Easy


Hire an Entire Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team for Your Company in 30 Days For Less than the Annual Salary of one DEI Director
(without recruiting a single person)

Our Clients
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Our Approach
Your Outsourced DEI Dept.

The Calling All Allies Project (CAAP) is an organizational equity and DEI innovation firm that works with national and global organizations who are seeking simple high-impact strategies to develop, improve, and sustain an equitable and inclusive workplace that values diversity and supports their business goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Your organization needs customized support to address its most relevant DEI priorities.  With your Outsourced DEI Dept., you can save time, money, and lessen the risk that comes along with putting your entire DEI strategy in the hands of one person.

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Which Organization Are You?
Organizations With an Annual
DEI Budget of $75,000+
a Year

Imagine spending $75k a year to get an entire DEI team working on your organization's DEI goals. No lengthy recruiting process, no benefits to pay, no capacity issues. Just a team of expert advisors to kick-start your DEI work efficiently and effectively. Most companies have wasted money and time trying to find the "right" person to hire. Why not get a team at your disposal to make DEI easy for you once and for all?

Organizations With an Annual Budget of Less Than $75,000/year

We understand that many organizations do not have the financial resources or current need for an Outsourced DEI Dept. That's why we launched our DEI Innovation Center and designed a suite of resources to help organizations as they continue to make progress while meeting their diversity and inclusion goals.


DEI Made Easy Masterclass

The Top 5 Diversity & Inclusion Mistakes that 90% of Companies Make That Ruin Their Reputation, Cost Them Money, and Kill Their Culture

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