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DEI Innovation Center

Research, Psychosocial Experiments, and Special Projects

In the Calling All Allies Project DEI Innovation Center, we're staying on the cutting edge of diversity, equity, and inclusion by testing our ideas and methods, challenging our assumptions, and engaging with thousands of professionals from around the world each month through our services and program.

Check out our latest opportunities and register for event, or join as a volunteer for one of our psycho-social experiments. We're innovating... and it feels so good!

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Ignite Workplace Unity Volume 1

This year, we're launching a global book project to capture insights from the best and brightest DEI leaders and practitioners on the strategies they've used to get their clients or company's results and challenges they've faced doing this work.


Want to contribute to our research? We'd love to hear your perspectives.

Ignite Workplace Unity Show Launch

It's time to bring our message of unity to the masses, and we know exactly how to get it done. The CAAP team is launching the Ignite Workplace Unity Show, a podcast dedicated to answering tough questions about how DEI, HR, and organization leaders can accelerate their impact through their DEI work. 

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Inside the DEI Lab
Psycho Social Experiments to Test Our DEI Assumptions

Our DEI Innovation Division is producing a web-series called "Inside the DEI Lab" where we conduct psycho social experiments to challenge commonly held assumptions about human behavior, equity and inclusion, and race relations in the workplace.

Want to volunteer for an experiment? Join our interest list to get weekly alerts when new opportunities arise.

Ignite Workplace Unity Conference

The Ignite Workplace Unity Conference & Retreat is for professionals who are ready to increase their credibility, achieve bigger results, level-up their confidence, and sharpen their approach as they become more equitable and inclusive in the workplace.

Visit the conference site to join the interest list so that you don't miss the announcement when tickets go live!