Collaborating at Work


Start Your DEI Journey in the Right Direction

It's All About How You Begin

Our DEI First Steps Program is designed for organizations who are beginning their DEI journey and need guidance on what to do, and how to be effective. 

After working with companies in almost every industry, we've developed a methodology and process that provides organizational leaders with the information and strategies they need to implement a successful organizational equity program.

Service Overview

Engagement Length: 6-weeks

STEP 1- Gather Organizational Intelligence

Our team will design a custom organizational equity assessment to gather key organizational insights regarding systems and processes that may be inequitable.

STEP 2- One Year DEI Strategic Plan

Based on key insights from the organizational equity survey, we will map out a clear DEI plan to give you a 1-year DEI Implementation Strategy.

STEP 3- Cultural Competency Training for Employees 

Your employees will receive one 90-minute "Culture & Conversations" session on any DEI topic that you select from our catalog of courses.

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