July 27th & 28th 3pm-5pm EST

DEI Committee Launch Bootcamp


Learn How to Launch (or fix) Your DEI Committee, Even if You Have No Experience, Don't Know Where to Start, and Have No Plan for How to Measure Success


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Join the DEI Committee Launch Bootcamp if...
  • You don't feel 100% confident about your DEI Committee strategy

  • You've never launched or managed a DEI Committee and don't want to lose credibility by guessing what to do

  • You have no clue how to develop a compelling mission or vision that speaks to key business goals

  • You don't want to let executives down

  • You've been doing "things", but the impact has been minimal

  • Your committee seems stuck in an endless cycle of meetings with no real progress

  • You're still struggling to get buy-in from employees.

  • Overall interest is decreasing


What You Will Learn
  • The exact mistakes to avoid when launching and sustaining a high-impact DEI Committee

  • A simple step-by-step process for creating high-impact programs

  • How to create an inclusive mission statement that galvanizes support from employees at all levels

  • A structure that requires less than 6 extra hours per month of volunteer time from all members

  • How to leverage your involvement in the committee to advance your professional career

The More You Delay, The More...
  • You and your company are losing credibility

  • Your company culture is becoming less inclusive

  • Employees will lose interest

  • Key stakeholders will become less inclined to support your efforts

  • Your company is losing its competitive edge



  • 2-Day Live Bootcamp w/ 30-day Recording Access
  • Q&A with CAAP Advisor
  • DEI Committee Audit w/ Feedback
  • Facilitated DEI Committee Strategy Session 
  • DEI Committee Launch Course & Resources
  • Registration: $1,250 per organization (up to 3 participants)
Frequently Asked Questions
REMEMBER: If you have already launched your DEI Committee, don't miss out on an opportunity to FIX what's not working so that you can get back on track.