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Start and Sustain
Productive DEI
Committees and ERGs

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Custom DEI Committee &
ERG Support

If you've already launched your DEI Committee or ERG, chances are, you've experienced the following:

  • General confusion about how to operate the committee

  • A progressive loss of interest from committee members

  • A decrease in attendance to programs

  • A lack of buy-in from a critical mass of employees or association members

  • A lack of programming strategy that will yield tangible results

  • A sense of fatigue for trying to sustain DEI work

  • A lack of clarity regarding how to support the organization/business through DEI Committee/ERG work

Whatever the issue is, we've helped countless companies overcome them to get their committees back on track. We can help you too!

DEI Committee
Launch Bootcamp


Our DEI Committee Launch Challenge is a high-impact 2-day DEI learning and development event designed to help organizational leaders understand how to launch and sustain a productive diversity and inclusion committee for their company, association, or employee resource group.

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