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Leadership Residency

International Leadership Residency

Leadership mastery is necessary to be a must-have (and not a nice-to-have) in the workplace of the future 

The Futures Leadership Residency is an intensive 12-week leadership development accelerator designed to prepare professionals for leadership roles within the fast-paced, high-stress, global business environments of the future.

The Leadership Residency Experience

During this intensive 12-week leadership development accelerator, residents will participate in high-impact communications and conflict management training, business advising, accountability coaching, and professional mentorship to significantly increase their psychological, socio-emotional, and physical astuteness as world-class leaders.

4-wk Day Residency Rotations

Every 4 weeks, residents will rotate through new leadership development modules to create a well-rounded and comprehensive mastery of each new skill being sharpened.


Learning modules are separated into bite-sized pieces to help our residents achieve quick mastery of each new concept or skill that is taught.

Resilience Engineering

Embedded within our program design are opportunities for Resilience Engineering; exercises and experiential activities to assist residents with overcoming common challenges that come with leading organizations and individuals.

Character Coaching

Each resident will be required to enroll in a Character Coaching Lab to sharpen their awareness of and commitment to ethical organizational and people management practices.

Leadership Challenges

Each week, residents will participate in a Leadership Challenge to help them put what they're learning into immediate practice in their professional and personal lives.

Bi-Directional Mentorship

Residents will have an opportunity to mentor their peers and receive mentorship from leaders our global network.

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Secure Your Spot in the Workforce of the Future

Now accepting applications for the Spring 2023 Cohort (March-May)

We recommend that you do the following prior to starting your application:

  • Review the FAQs below

  • Attend an Interest Meeting

  • Prepare your 5-minute admission video

  • Secure your $100 non-refundable application fee

  • Complete application on your laptop or desktop

  • Plan to spend approximately 30-mins to submit all materials

Program FAQs

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill
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