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The Calling All Allies Project is an organizational equity firm on a mission to #IgniteWorkplaceUnity around the world by helping companies take purposeful, strategic steps toward creating more equitable and inclusive environments. Our team is comprised of organizational psychologists, conflict specialists, human resource leaders, data analysts, psycho-social researchers, therapists, and counselors. 

As leaders in DEI innovation, we go against the grain, and partner with organizations who are will to explore new ways to achieving their DEI goals. 

DEI Made Easy Method

DEI Made Easy Method



Approach: Ignite Workplace Unity

Our work purposefully  ignites workplace unity, minimizes organizational division, and improves company cultures.

Psycho-Social Approach 

Our psycho-social approach focuses on positive human behavioral change in social settings.

DEI Integration 

DEI goes beyond HR and ERG groups. Our methods help organizations integrate DEI into their entire business ecosystem.

Cultural Competence

Our methodology is based on building employee's cultural competence so that they are equipped with the skills to both think critically about how to effectively engage with people from diverse backgrounds.

Equity for All

Our approach doesn't single out any one group. We believe that ALL employees deserve the benefits of an equitable workplace.

Common DEI Approaches

Approach: "US vs. Them" DEI

Common DEI approaches cause heightened tensions in the workplace which prevent organizational change from taking place.

Informational Approach 

These approaches assume that information will change employee behavior. Companies tend to invest heavily in training only to realize that minimal behavioral change has occurred. 

Stand-Alone DEI Initiatives

These approaches treat DEI as if it's its own special category, which makes employees resist buy-in for initiatives that will actually help the organizational culture.

Deficit-Based Approaches

These approaches focus heavily on deficits of the organization and certain employee groups. Employees become entrenched in negative emotions and quickly become fatigued at the thought of continuing the DEI journey.

Equity for Some

This approach doesn't provide space for all employees to be fully engaged in DEI processes.

Organizational Equity

If your goal is to create and sustain an equitable and inclusive workplace, an organizational development approach must be implemented so that systems and processes can uphold positive change for the long-term. 

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DEI Innovation

The most effective diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies push beyond the traditional approaches that have stagnated our workplaces for decades. Ditch the "unconscious bias" training, and cringy "town hall" discussions about race. It's time to innovate and use creativity to solve your workplace inclusion challenges.

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Dr. Brandi Baldwin



Erica Wexler, MSOD

Talent Development 


Emilio Osoria

Advisor- Data Analytics

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Dr. Portia Hunt

Cultural Competence


Alice Mills Mai, LMHC, NCC

Employee Mental Health


Dominic Endozo, B.A.

VP, Client Success

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Linda Doherty

Organizational Development

Yvonne Munyan.jpg

Yvonne Munyan, MBA

Organizational Systems


Shakema Appleton

Diversity Leadership

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Patrick Fennell

Learning & Development

Mary McFarland.jpg

Mary Mcfarland

Intercultural Competence


HR Advising

Misratu Saka

Michelle Campbell_edited.jpg

Michelle Campbell

Organizational Development Advisor

Laura Broomell_edited.jpg

Laura Broomell

DEI Gaming Advisor


Jesse Johnson


Alexandra Barrera


Kelli Lee

John Smyth Headshot.jpeg

John Smyth


Jennifer Wenner

We're (Always) Hiring!

Email to request a list of our open positions. We are currently seeking Data Analysts, DEI Advisors and Consultants, HR Consultants, Organizational Development Advisors, and various roles for our Operations Team.