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The Calling All Allies Project is an organizational equity firm on a mission to #IgniteWorkplaceUnity around the world by helping companies take purposeful, strategic steps toward creating more equitable and inclusive environments. Our team is comprised of organizational psychologists, conflict specialists, human resource leaders, data analysts, psycho-social researchers, therapists, and counselors. 

As leaders in DEI innovation, we go against the grain, and partner with organizations who are will to explore new ways to achieving their DEI goals. 

Our Values

Ignite Workplace Unity

Our work purposefully  ignites workplace unity, minimizes organizational division, and improves company cultures.

Psycho-Social Approach 

We understand the cognitive processes that inspire people to change their mindset and behaviors.

DEI Integration 

We support our clients in thinking about how they can take a more integrative approach to their DEI implementation.

Equity for All

Our approach isn't focused on any one group. We believe ALL employees deserve the benefits of an equitable workplace.

Cultural Competence

Our methodology is based on building people's cultural competence so that they are equipped with the skills to both think critically about how to effectively engage with people rom diverse backgrounds.


Dr. Brandi Baldwin

Founder & Managing Partner

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Erica Wexler, MSOD

Talent Development 

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Emilio Osoria

Advisor- Data Analytics

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Dr. Portia Hunt

Cultural Competence

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Alice Mills Mai, LMHC, NCC

Employee Mental Health

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Ken Rosso, MSOD, MBA, Prosci

Equity & Allyship

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Linda Doherty

Organizational Development

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Yvonne Munyan, MBA

Organizational Systems

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Detrick Franklin, MBA

Organizational Improvement

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Kathleen Wheeler

Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

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Shakema Appleton

Diversity Leadership

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Claudia Rico

Data Informed DEI

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Nichole Hoskins

DEI Strategy

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Patrick Fennell

Learning & Development

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Mary Mcfarland

Intercultural Competence

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Misratu Saka

HR Advising

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Chantelle Fitzgerald

Emotional Intelligence

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Tyrice McCoy, MA

Employee Mental Health & Wellness

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Nnena Akaotobi, M.Ed.

Cross-Cultural Competence

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Jesse Johnson

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Alexandra Barrera

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Jenna Perry

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Kelli Lee

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Kimberly Lilliston

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John Smyth

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Jennifer Wenner

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Todd Hendricks

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Sofia Anselmetti, MBA

Senior Managing Director

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Dominic Endozo, B.A.

Head of Operations

Sibyl Davis, B.S.

National Sales Director

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