About the Book

In "Authentic Ally", Dr. Brandi Baldwin (CAAP Founder) is challenging well-meaning allies to think critically about how they show up to support racial equity as professionals.

In this refreshing take on allyship, she introduces her Authentic Ally Model which outlines allyship myths, the key prerequisites for allyship, and low-impact allyship behaviors that are widely accepted but have a minimal impact on eradicating racial inequities in the workplace. If you are ready to take purposeful action as an ally, this is a practical guide and framework that both professionals and organizational leaders can use to remove confusion and uncertainty around what authentic allyship looks like in action. 

Corporations and conferences can order bulk copies of "Authentic Ally" as a professional development resource for a discount off of the cover price. Simply complete a request and we will follow-up to discuss further. Watch Stephanie Leblanc-Godfrey, Global Head of Inclusion for ​Women of Color at Google interview Dr. Brandi about the book.

"Ditch the Guilt, Stop Performing, and Take Purposeful Action as an Ally for Racial Equity"


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