Disrupting DEI

The Calling All Allies Project was founded by award winning entrepreneur and former Wharton management lecturer, Dr. Brandi Baldwin who is tapped by clients like Google, Comcast, Discover, and the Federal Government to help them improve their employee engagement.

She is disrupting the DEI industry and challenging the status quo by creating innovative methods to ignite workplace unity while building equitable opportunities for all. The Calling All Allies Project partners with organizations who want to start or enhance their DEI strategy.



Our Values

It's important that our future clients become familiar with the values that inform our approach:

Ignite Workplace Unity- Our work purposefully  ignites workplace unity, minimizes organizational division, and improves company cultures.

Psycho-Social Approach- We understand the cognitive processes that inspire people to change their mindset and behaviors.

Critical Inquiry- We consistently ask the question, "what is the intended outcome?" to hold our clients accountable for taking purposeful action.

DEI Integration- We support our clients in thinking about how they can take a more integrative approach to their DEI implementation.

Equity for All- Our approach isn't focused on any one group. We believe ALL employees deserve the benefits of an equitable workplace.


Lead Advising Team

Dr. Brandi Baldwin

Founder, "Calling All Allies"

Dr. Brandi leads the consulting team at the Calling All Allies Project and works closely with organizational leaders to equip them with the tools they need to do DEI the right way.

Emilio Osoria

Corporate Equity Team

Executive leadership advisor and consultant, Emilio leads the Calling All Allies corporate equity team to support companies in removing accessibility barriers for their employees.

Angela Tennison

Leadership Advising

Former White House Usher and Leadership Development Director at the US Dept. of Education, Angela works on the Calling All Allies leadership advising team.

Erica Wexler

Talent Development Team

With 20+ years of experience, Erica is an organizational dynamics expert who specializes in communication and systems change. 

Patrick Fennell

Culture and Climate Team

With 20+ years of experience consulting in the non-profit and government sector, Patrick leads our Calling All Allies culture and climate team.

Nnenna Akotaobi

Culture and Climate Team

An expert in intercultural development and cultural communications, Nnenna develops and facilitates learning experiences for diverse teams.  

Join the Team

If you have experience in organizational development, workshop facilitation, instructional/course design, or research/data analysis, contact us to request position descriptions and an interview with the team. Email Team@CallingAllAllies.com to learn more.

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Calling All Allies Project

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